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My dream is to create a Zunda cafe in Akihabara.

That was last year, when I was a first year high school student.
I was walking along the Sanriku Coast when suddenly I heard thunder, and then for some reason I fell unconcious.

When I came to I was in the hospital.
For some reason, I was clutching a mysterious bow and arrow in my arms.

Something came to me in an instant, so I dabbed some Zunda on the end of an arrow, and shot the arrow at some mochi.

And with that, Zunda Mochi appeared!

I want the many people of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and beyond to know how delish Zunda is.
With those thoughts, every day I find mochi, I continue firing my arrows.

I fire my arrows, and turn all mochi into Zunda.
Some who have no heart might say I'm commiting Zunda terrorism, but I will not give up and continue trying my best!

My dream is to setup a Zunda cafe and Zunda shop in Akihabara.
For the future of Zunda, please lend us your support everyone.

Tohoku Zunko's Profile

Name: Tohoku Zunko
Height: 157cm (5 foot 2 inches)
Age: 17 years old (Second year high schooler)
Hobbies: Making Zunda Mochi
Special skills: Archery (with the Zunda Arrow technique she can turn any mochi into Zunda mochi!)
Birthday: October 27th

Dreams for the future: Having a Zunda Cafe and Zunda Shop in Tokyo
*One of Tohoku Zunko's special skills, the Zunda Arrow, is firing an arrow with Zunda paste stuck on the arrow head. Any mochi struck by this arrow stands no chance, and is instantly transformed into Zunda mochi.
Character Design: Edomura Niniko

VOCALOID3 Tohoku Zunko

VOCALOID3 Tohoku Zunko

VOICEROID+ Tohoku Zunko

VOICEROID+ Tohoku Zunko