Tohoku Zunko Usage Guide

Character Use Guidelines

■Consent Details

1.In the case of non-commercial uses free use is permitted with no prior application

Aside from special prohibited items, there are no restrictions in place with regards to doujin and fan works (non-commercial). Creators can freely create what they would like.

2.For Tohoku businesses, commercial uses are allowed.

If the headquarters of your business or public organization is located in the Tohoku area (the six prefectures of Aomori, Iwate , Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata, Fukushima), then the use of the character for advertising and commercial purposes is allowed.
However, uses against the general public decency and moral good, and uses of voice audio information are considered outside the scope of this agreement.
In addition, the use of the character is consented to for the opertions of SSS LLC whether commercial or non-commercial.

3.In principle creators of fan works are limited to non-commercial activities. However, individual sales taking place at doujin marketplaces for the purpose of non-profit compensation (recouping costs only) are permissable.

Inclusion of this character in printed fanzines ("doujinshi") etc. for release and sales by individual creators at doujin market places is agreed to, including the sales of goods on the basis these profits are for recouping original costs only. However, large scale commercial-purpose sales are limited to Tohoku businesses. The basis for commercial and non-commercial is not a clearly defined number, but we rely on the creator's sense of modesty and humility to follow their best judgement for these standards.

■Prohibited Items

The following uses are prohibited.

1.Excluding Tohoku businesses, any commercial use where consent has not been granted.

2.Uses which cause excessive harm to the character's image.

・Uses which may be socially damaging for the original creator of the work
・Uses which violate, or have the possibility to violate others rights

3.Changes which cause the original character to become unrecognizable

4.Use of fan works of characters without prior consent


1.We take no resposibility for any damages resulting from illustrations of Tohoku Zunko, 3D models, or any other product bearing this character or transactions involving this character.

2.We are unable to return any fees paid for illustrations made on request for specific businesses or one time purchase license seals that are not used.

3.We make no guarantee regarding any products or transactions involving Tohoku Zunko. We take no responsibility for any problem arising between businesses and customers, so please resolve any situation directly between business and customer.

4.We are unable to respond to questions or complaints regarding customer-business transactions and products sold which make use of Tohoku Zunko works created outside this company.

As long as the written above is followed, prior application or registration is not required for use.

But, please remember the creators of this character, "Edomura Niniko" ("江戸村ににこ") as well as the company SSS. The staff would all like to see this character loved by everyone.